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Mr. Franklin Joseph

Specialist Guru-ji Franklin Joseph is a Social Entrepreneur, Founder and C.E.O. of Indian Institute of Special Tactics and Combat Science (I.I.S.T.A.C.S.), Dharwad. The organisations IISTACS have various projects that focus on empowering the men, women and children to prevent, avoid or escape themselves against crime, violence, sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

Mr. Franklin Joseph was born into the slums of New Delhi, India, and from an early age, he was unwillingly exposed to the world of sexual abuse and violent crime. After surviving 22-25 years in petty gangs and abusive circumstances, he gradually converted his bad experience into positive knowledge. Today, many of his projects have its base on what he learned from his past. In his Tedx talk video, he showcases his dark humour, skills and knowledge of 'Combat Science' with a jaw-dropping opening line"I See Dead People" indirectly referencing lack of preparation against crime could be a fatal mistake.

He self-retired after 11 years of working in the IT industry as a Creative Director, Project Manager, Senior Website Designer and Search Engine Optimization Specialist. He also worked as a freelancer with Mr Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Price Winner 2014 for 7 years where his quest to educate others to help them understand and deal with crime and violence was born.

He founded Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Combat Academy in 2007, where he merges Israeli Military Krav Maga Self Defense tactics with knowledge of Combat Science, Guerrilla Hit Run Deception strategy, Neuro-Behavioral Crisis Management, Conflict Situational Awareness, De-escalation Drills along with some aspects of Criminal Profiling and Crime Psychology etc., added to his methodology of self-defence training.

'Guru-ji' and 'Dr. Safety' are honorary alias given to him by his Krav Maga Self Defense practitioners. He also added Ninja Kubaton Pressure Points Self Defense in his Krav Maga capsules to help promote its unique and amazing tactics.

In 2017, his Krav Maga academy was awarded 'Best Service Excellence award 2017' by Luxury Travel Magazine, London, United Kingdom He was honorary awarded a plaque for his commitment towards women entrepreneurship and economic empowerment by Government of Karnataka in ThinkBig 2016 Women Entrepreneurs Convention Exhibition

United States of America Department - O.S.A.C. organization's Indian Women Safety Report 2014 stating a recommendation -"Franklin Joseph is the good Self Defense instructor that also focuses on psychological empowerment in his workshops".

Mr Joseph also conducts Power to Women Workshop on Corporate Women Self Defense and Stop Crime on Women Seminars for Girl-Child Self Defense to schools and colleges all over India. His '' Girl Empower and Mentor Girls project is in its pilot stage and will soon be implemented with help from school and college students in Karnataka.

Among Franklin Joseph prestigious clients include Government of India Indian Railways, Defense Research Development Organisation (D.R.D.O.), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (H.A.L.) and Bangalore Commissioner of Police along with Vanitha Sahayavani NGO.

Mr Franklin Joseph, in essence, represents the changing face of self-defence especially women self-defence education. He is among the pioneers ho have recognized that as crime is dynamic, changing and adapting, so should crime prevention and fighting tactics. He has tirelessly, and often at a great personal sacrifice, overcome enormous hurdles to advance the cause of safety. No matter what the cost, he is clear that he will achieve his mission of a safer world through proper education, training and a holistic approach to self-defence.

Franklin Joseph has been featured in various articles or videos showcasing his goal of a safe world, free of abuse and crime, especially for girl-child and women. Some of the media names are Times of India, Hindustan Times, Bangalore Mirror, DNA, Deccan Herald etc., Magazines like Tehelka, 080 Bangalore, Bengaluru Pages,,, TimeOut Bengaluru etc., TV shows and News Channels like ZeeTv, CNNIbn, NDTV 24x7, TV9 News, Swarna Channel, Aaj Tak, Headlines Today, Times Now etc.

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Mr. Franklin Joseph

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